Saturday, July 20, 2013

My "Extravagant" Wreath

I wanted to share with you my new wreath and see what you think. I usually make my own wreaths but this one caught my eye when I was in Michael's last week.  It was originally $69 and was on sale for $22.  It probably would costs near this sale price to make it. Right?

I studied the wreath for a bit before I made the purchase.  Being that I wasn't shopping for a wreath that day, I needed to rationalize this wreath as a good investment.  HAHAHA!!  My study concluded, that I could use it for other seasons. It's black, so it will be great for Halloween.  Just remove the geraniums, add a bat, new ribbon, etc. and there I will have an awesome new Halloween wreath to scare the kiddies! Ok, good, good... I don't have any wreaths made with this new fat ribbon and I have been wanting one, but it's black.  My front door is black.  Will it be seen from the street?  But it coordinates so well with my porch decor.  Black wicker, red pillows, geraniums...JUST BUY IT ALREADY...So I did!

Now the "extravagant" part. 

My youngest daughter, lovingly referred to as the "the Blond One", (and at 26 not so young anymore) is the best I know at coordinating her outfits.  She rarely leaves the house that she isn't looking put together from head to toe! I mean her jewelry, her shoes, her nails, even her hair thingies match her outfit.  All done effortlessly and inexpensively too!  I look forward to catching a glimpse of her in the mornings just to see what she's put together that day! 

SO, I'm thinking, "Oh, she will love my new wreath!"  It coordinates so well with the porch decor and it wasn't expensive.  I did good, right?? Blond One!!!

Well, I hung the wreath, still not sure myself it was really my true taste in wreaths. I'm a grapevine, fill it with flowers kinda girl.  But if the Blond One gives her approval, then I've done good.

She shows up for lunch.  I ask her what she thought of my new wreath.  She responds while making NO eye contact,  "Well, its kind of...extravagant." 

No where in my thoughts of this wreath did EXTRAVAGANT enter my mind.  She went on to say, "Well its big.  It does match the porch though."

Hmmm...Grrr...*^#*#  What does she know. Go coordinate your wardrobe smartie!

Anyway, I'm not really that wound up over the wreath.  It's ok for now.  So far the birds haven't bothered it. They usually waste no time in pulling my wreaths apart or try to build nests in them. 

HAHA!  Maybe this one is too extravagant for them! 

Tell next time, sending Smiles your way,

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  1. HAHA! Yes Blond one here did say that! haha I love you though!

    <3 Ashley