Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Earthquake?! Wow! What a Feeling!

We, here in Virginia, had an earthquake yesterday, as I'm sure most of you know by now.  It was a biggie for us closer to the east coast.  It was interesting to hear on the news how far away it was felt!  The news showed schools in Louisa and further north from us will be closing from damage.  They did not fair as well as we did.

I had just gotten home from the office when it happened.  I'm glad I did because poor Sug would have been all alone.  She already hates thunderstorms so I hate to imagine how scared she'd have been through the earthquake.  With me running around the house trying to figure out what the *!@* was going on, she didn't have time to be scared! 

Fortunately, most everyone survived in our area without much damage.  My cousin who lives about 10 minutes south of us did have his chimney crumble right to the ground!  Of course he was upset but he said it had needed repairing for a long time.  Guess he'll just build a whole new one now!

Our house shook so hard the ceiling fans in our great room were swinging.  It knocked a few items off a couple of shelves upstairs in two of the bedrooms too.  The strange thing to me was, being an earthquake, I would think it would be felt more from the floor up but in our house, it seemed to shake more from the roof. That's what had me confused at first.  Airplane maybe landing on us?! 

Sugar and I went outside to check the pool after things calmed down and stopped shaking.  All ok!

My daughter called me from her home soon after it was over.  She had been out riding her new bike (she and her love are getting back in shape).  She didn't feel a thing!  Her neighbor ran outside all upset and told her what had happened.  Too funny! 

Well, now we can get back to seeing if we need to prepare for the hurricane that should be here late Saturday evening. 

Take care out there and I send prayers and good thoughts to all who are being affected or going to be by dear ole Mother Nature! 

Smiles and Giggles,


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Sunday, January 23, 2011

                                                                HALF BATH MAKEOVER
Right before the holidays I finally attacked and won a task I had put off for far too long. I painted our half bath! It needed it so bad. For several years now the walls have been a dark wine color. The color was actually called "red, red wine". It was!  Evidently, the walls did not receive a primer before this paint was applied because the walls had a chalky look to them.  Almost anytime you touched the wall it would leave a chalky spot. YUCK!

This picture makes the bathroom look really yucky. It wasn't quite this bad.  (close)

Isn't this an improvement?

I knew I wanted to lighten it up. I had to stay with the the light fixture which is this gold strip with the big bulbs. Not my choice at all but you do with what you have sometimes. Also, the spigout is a brushed gold. It's not too bad and I don't mind keeping it for now. The trim and cabinet are in white but I still painted the trim a fresh, bright, glossy white. It's so much better. Nice and CLEAN looking!

I always tell my clients that before they list their homes on the market to sell they usually need to spruce things up and paint is the best and cheapest way to do it. Also, I stress to my clients to go with a neutral shade of paint color whenever possible. It's a lot easier for a prospective buyer to picture their own decor in a neutral palet then some bright, or dark color of the sellers liking.

The new color is "sand sable".  I went to our local paint shop.  The owner, Gary, mixed the color into the primer too.  The paint is store recommends is Benjiman Moore paints.  I have to say it went so smoothly and it still took two coats even after using the primer but it was worth the time to make sure all the red wine is gone, gone gone!

The bathroom looks sooooo much LARGER too! 

I still haven't really decided how I want to decorate in there yet.  I've been trying different accessories from around the house.  That's the really fun thing.  With this neutral shade, I can use just about any color accessory I want. 

The best PARTS of this TASK are:
I love these pictures and frames.  I picked them up at Marshall's.  The shabby frames and of course beautiful roses are just my thing.  I've moved these around to almost every room in my house. 

I love the beach!  Hubby bought me these wonderful starfish candle holders several years ago.  I'd love to one day have a cute, little home near the ocean.  These candle holders will be perfect in my little dream home!!

I'm loving it so much!!! It's so nice to pass by the doorway and go "awww!"  instead of "eewww!" 

I'm still new at linking to other blogs but if it works right, I'm linking to Cindy over at "Romantic Homes".  Check her beautiful blog out.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

House for Sale in Hopewell, VA

Please take time to view this lovely home I have been given the opportunity to list.  It is located in Hopewell, Virginia, convenient to Ft. Lee, major highways and great shopping. 

This home has a maintenance free exterior with brick and vinyl. A wonderful corner lot that the owner has maintained with nice shrubs and perenials. 

Many updates to the home can be found inside.  This 4 bedroom, 2 bath colonial tri-level is move in ready!
A charming kitchen with extras like chair railing, pretty stain glass light fixtures, a roomy pantry with etched glass doors, newer countertops, and a new under counter microwave has just been installed. Also, a den with fireplace will lend to restfull evenings with family.  A formal entry welcomes your guests with a formal living room with lots of light.   Outdoor entertaining can be done on the patio.  A newer vinyl storage shed, driveway and attached garage lend to more specialties.

For more information on this home or any others, please feel free to visit my website at or by calling my cell at 804-908-4367.  I am a licensed real estate agent in the Commonwealth of Virginia and I look forward to the opportunity to get you moving!

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