Sunday, January 23, 2011

                                                                HALF BATH MAKEOVER
Right before the holidays I finally attacked and won a task I had put off for far too long. I painted our half bath! It needed it so bad. For several years now the walls have been a dark wine color. The color was actually called "red, red wine". It was!  Evidently, the walls did not receive a primer before this paint was applied because the walls had a chalky look to them.  Almost anytime you touched the wall it would leave a chalky spot. YUCK!

This picture makes the bathroom look really yucky. It wasn't quite this bad.  (close)

Isn't this an improvement?

I knew I wanted to lighten it up. I had to stay with the the light fixture which is this gold strip with the big bulbs. Not my choice at all but you do with what you have sometimes. Also, the spigout is a brushed gold. It's not too bad and I don't mind keeping it for now. The trim and cabinet are in white but I still painted the trim a fresh, bright, glossy white. It's so much better. Nice and CLEAN looking!

I always tell my clients that before they list their homes on the market to sell they usually need to spruce things up and paint is the best and cheapest way to do it. Also, I stress to my clients to go with a neutral shade of paint color whenever possible. It's a lot easier for a prospective buyer to picture their own decor in a neutral palet then some bright, or dark color of the sellers liking.

The new color is "sand sable".  I went to our local paint shop.  The owner, Gary, mixed the color into the primer too.  The paint is store recommends is Benjiman Moore paints.  I have to say it went so smoothly and it still took two coats even after using the primer but it was worth the time to make sure all the red wine is gone, gone gone!

The bathroom looks sooooo much LARGER too! 

I still haven't really decided how I want to decorate in there yet.  I've been trying different accessories from around the house.  That's the really fun thing.  With this neutral shade, I can use just about any color accessory I want. 

The best PARTS of this TASK are:
I love these pictures and frames.  I picked them up at Marshall's.  The shabby frames and of course beautiful roses are just my thing.  I've moved these around to almost every room in my house. 

I love the beach!  Hubby bought me these wonderful starfish candle holders several years ago.  I'd love to one day have a cute, little home near the ocean.  These candle holders will be perfect in my little dream home!!

I'm loving it so much!!! It's so nice to pass by the doorway and go "awww!"  instead of "eewww!" 

I'm still new at linking to other blogs but if it works right, I'm linking to Cindy over at "Romantic Homes".  Check her beautiful blog out.

Have a great day!


  1. Hi Cynthia! The change is your bathroom really worked wonders! And, isn't it amazing how a change in paint can change the spirit and make you feel happier? Good job!

    Thanks for dropping by and I am a happy new follower! It's great to know you.

  2. Oh my gosh Cynthia, the make over is perfect. With just a little change and look at the outcome!!! It's all beautiful and I can't wait to see more of what you do, Char

  3. Oh I love it...they say the little thing's are what matter most. I love your blog. Come by sometime.

  4. Hey cutie come back by I am having a blog giveawy for my blog's first birthday.

  5. Looks much better! AND I'd bet you appreciate it even more because of how it was before! Great work!