Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sunshine Tease

We had such nice weather this weekend.  Sunshine and temps around 70 degrees.  Perfect for sitting on the porch and enjoying the birds chirping and neighbor watching.  Evidently, the sunshine is teasing us as the weather man is predicting teens and a bit of possible snowy mess today and Wednesday.  Oh well...

I found these pics I took at the end of last summer.  I had just found these pretty peacock plates at Pier One and these big mugs with the same colors were in Marshalls.  I already had found this wonderful heavy metal peacock at a local shop.  I really love this peacock.  I haven't really decided what to do with him.  Here I have him holding napkins.  I guess he'd be good for bite size munchies or maybe some small candles.  I don't know why I've taken a liking to peacocks.  Maybe it's the pretty colors in their feathered long tails. I'm a sucker for blues.

Anyway, I set a little tablescape out by the pool.

Notice the cute basket that I had recently given a little update to with paint.  I really like the color.  It gives me a beachy feel so being out by the pool is the right place for it.  I think this summer I will get more use out of it.  It will work great for carrying things outside and looks so pretty to just sit out.

I've been enjoying these large mugs over the winter.  They really are pretty with the blues and golds.  Just look at that peacocks pretty feathers!

This picture has me looking forward to the summer.  I love putting out my water cans and seeing all our pretty flowers blooming.  But until then, I'll enjoy my pictures and stay cozy and warm in our home.  

Have a nice, WARM day everyone!

Smiles to you,