Thursday, August 8, 2013

It's Still SUMMER!!!

Tuesday was unseasonably cooler than it should be here in Virginia.  The weatherman stated our normal high is around 89 for this time of year but it was a "cool" 74.  Brrrr!!!  Ha!  If it hadn't been cloudy and rainy, it would have been a nice day but I LOVE SUMMER!!!!  So, I prefer those hot, sticky, sun shining so bright you get more wrinkles from squinting kind of days!!!! 

Ahhhh, today is a real summer day!  Back in the high 80's.  Yes, my cute little car top is down and I am ready to view homes for clients and run my errands.  Music playing, birds singing, pony tail blowing in the breeze and feeling that sunshine.  Yep, love, love, love it!

I walked around the backyard this morning.  The flowers look like "enough watering already!"  I try to choose flowers to plant around our pool that look tropical and love the heat.  We have several trees in our backyard but they're further out and the pool area just guessed it... SUNSHINE  all day!!

Take a look at my well watered foilage and have a happy, blessed day where you are!

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