Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fun in the Sun Time!

Hello everyone!

Just checking in.  Hubby and myself got away for a couple of days last week.  We love going to North Myrtle Beach in South Carolina.Hubby took me there for our very trip away together 25 years ago.  That trip was where we knew we had something special, and so it's continued to be a special place to us.  

Over the years we've vacationed with the kids there and spent time with friends and family there.  It's the one place I can go and feel peace.  No matter how rough things may be in my real world, sitting on the beach with my hubby and feeling that sun always makes the world better.

We had so much fun just enjoying the ocean air, sun and beach during the day.  We had a great ocean front room with a wonderful balcony. Of course that's where I was each evening.  There was a full moon too. Absolutely beautiful shining over the ocean.  Each evening was topped off with fireworks being set off along the beach. 

We also love to dance.  Have you ever heard of the "Shag"?  Well it's a dance, very popular in the south, especially in Myrtle Beach where it originated back in the '40's (I think).  We made sure we did some shagging while we there too!

Well, hope everyone is enjoying the last few days of summer fun.  Have a safe and happy Labor Day.