Thursday, January 23, 2014

Snow! Cold!

The words for this week here in Virginia are SNOW! and COLD!

Anticipating the snow Tuesday evening, I pulled out the crock pot and filled it with chicken.  By the time the snow arrived the chicken and dumplings were ready.  Oh and how good they made the house smelled. I opened up a handy roll of Grands biscuits and popped them in the oven while I dished out the good stuff in bowls.

I set the table with, what else, snowmen.  I love my snowmen napkin rings.  I wish I had gotten more than two but that was all that was left when I found them a few years ago.  Notice too, my cute Thirty-one Carry All.  It's perfect for napkins.  The snowmen pattern was only available for a short time.

I love snowmen but I do not love snow or cold!  I will be staying in and working from home until this mess goes away.

Even my snowman flag is dressed for the tropics.

The chicken and dumplings were good and warmed us up.  We had some apple cake for dessert.  No pictures of that.  Gobbled up before I remembered to snap a shot.

Stay warm peeps!


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Kitchen Changes

Needing a change to start the new year, I did some rearranging in my kitchen. 
Instead of using the old farm table for hubby and myself to dine at, I decided to try the table as an island.
I love this table and each dent, scratch and imperfection.  It has character.  You know as soon as you see it that it's an antique and been well used throughout the years.
We purchased a bench from Pier 1 Imports to use with it last year.   It's now in front of the window making a cozy vignette with two old crocks. 
The iron table and chairs we're using for now we're on the front porch.  The tablecloth and curtains came from Target a few years ago.  They are a Waverly print.  I love them in the colder months.  They give the kitchen a warm feeling.  I love the roses and the colors.
I love baskets too.  The two red ones belonged to my grandmother.  Red was her favorite color.  Sugar uses one for her bed with the toile pillow to soften it up.  Not so sure grandma would have wanted a dog in her basket but...
So far I'm liking the changes.  The farm table gives us more work space.  The kitchen has a  french country feel to it now.
Changes for the new far so good.

Happy New Year!


See my bundled up girls in the window?  They came from Target.  Remind me
of my girls.

Here's the bench from Pier 1.  I'm suddenly loving trays.  I picked this pretty
one up at Goodwill before the holidays for under $3.
Only got 4 of these dishes at Cracker Barrel last year.
Wish I'd got more pieces to the set.
My daughter gave me this cute sign for Christmas.  It matches so well!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy Monday To You

This is our sweet Sugar during the holidays.  She was very sick last week and had to have surgery.  She may be an old lady, but she came through the surgery like a champ and is feeling much better!
Hope everyone has a good start to the week.  We are getting ready for record cold temps here tonight.