Monday, July 1, 2013

I'm Back!!!!!

Well, I'm back!!  Yep, I haven't blogged in a very long time but I'm going to get back to it.

I have new pics to share of my kitchen.  I FINALLY picked a color and PAINTED.  I must have carried paint chips around for five years before I decided on one and YIPPEE, I love it!  Posts to come showing how the kitchen went from country blue to a more French Country feel!

I also painted the porch wicker last summer.  That was scary for me.  I remembered to take pics before, during and after this transformation so I will have a great post for the porch look soon.

Life with the family is about the same.  Hubby is still working hard.  The girls are still finding there way in this big world but both seem happy.  Thank goodness! My sweet Mom is turning 79 later this month.  I'm lucky to still have her and to be able to assist her with all her needs.  Lastly, my sweet doggie is still by my side.  She turns 15 this month.  All my girls have summer birthdays.  Hmmm....

I'm still plowing along in the real estate biz.  I know for sure, being a Realtor means something new everyday!  Keeps it interesting for sure! 


I guess my biggest change is I fell in love with a TOTE BAG so I HAD to join the great company that makes them back before Christmas.  The company is THIRTY-ONE GIFTS.  Have you heard of them?  Well, my oldest daughter had given me a cute tote with my name embroidered on it several years ago.  I have always used  it for one thing or another but it wasn't until the holidays when I went to a vendor show with my daughter that I got to see the variety of patterns and totes by THIRTY-ONE and I had to have them ALL!!!  Best way to do that is to be a consultant.  So, now I am!  I have met nice ladies, had a few parties to show my pretty bags and actually made a few bucks!!  OH, and I may need a room soon just for all my totes! 

If you're interested in seeing all the pretty totes and accessories, please go to my site at:  You can even place an order if you reeeaally wanna!  Let me know what you think and shoot me some questions if you have any.

 Hubby is on vacation this week.  We planned on hanging around the house and enjoying the pool.  You know, just the two of us.  (wink, wink)  The weatherman is calling for mostly cloudy and rainy days ALL WEEK!!  Yikes!   Maybe we'll get his "man cave" painted before football season starts back up. 

Hope my old followers are doing well and I'm to add to them soon.  Have a great and blessed day!

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