Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Feeling In the Pink Today

Thought I would share my little pink place in our backyard.

I love the color pink so when this iron settee needed some TLC of course it also needed a couple of coats of pink paint.
I pictured it a pale pink but I was in a hurry when I picked up the spray can and guess I just saw pink and grabbed it.  I'm liking this deeper pink though.  It makes a nice contrast to the watering can

I love old watering cans. I found this one in my daddy's garage after he had passed and we were going through his things.  I call this one a watering can but hubby says it's an old gas can.  Whichever it is, I'm sure my daddy was looking down and shaking his head when he saw me painting it pink!  It's got some dents in it but that just adds a little extra I think.

I'm sitting under our canopy now.  There's a nice breeze this afternoon.  We're suppose to get thunderstorms later and it sure feels like we will. 

Hope your day was pleasant and left you in the pink!

Sending you smiles until next time,


  1. Love the pink bench! Such a pretty pop of color for the back yard.
    Your patio is looking so beautiful, I love seeing all of the flowers.

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog :)


  2. Love the pink!! Also learned a lil tid bit I did not know, where the watering (gas) can came from...too cool! Bet he never imagined it being pink hee hee. :-)